Potters Bar Synchronised Swimming Club

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As a synchronised swimmer you will need to have your skill(s) tested before you can enter certain competitions.

In order to compete, you must have passed the relevant skill level.


If you prefer to only compete at recreational competitions you may focus on recreational grades instead. Your coach will be able to advise you about the skill levels or grades you need.


At local competitions you will compete in groups according to your age and skill level / recreational grade.


You can find the requirements for the Skill Levels here:


Skill Level 1

Skill Level 2

Skill Level 3

Skill Level 4

Skill Level 5


Or find what needs to be completed for each recreational grade here.


The 2006 version of the Recreational Grades and the January 2014 versions of the Skill Levels, available above, are the most up-to-date available.

Skills and Grades